Return and Refunds Policy

Our return and refund policy varies by product. Please see the product group below to view the appropriate return policy.


Domain Registration - Returns and Refund Policy

Due to the nature of domain registrations we do not offer any returns or refunds after purchase. It is very important to double check the spelling of the domain name before you process the order. Our automated registration system will process the domain exactly as typed. Once a Domain registration has been submitted to the registry for processing we are unable to reverse the process or offer any returns or refunds of any type.


Web Hosting - Returns and Refund Policy

We offer a 60 day cancellation and refund policy for all web hosting plans. If you’re not satisfied simply cancel within 60 days to have your money refunded.

If you wish to cancel a web hosting order and receive a full refund please create a support ticket to our sales department with your specific request. This can be done from within the Client Portal. Please include the order number and details for the items you wish to cancel and receive a refund for. All cancellation requests must be submitted to us through our ticketing system. If you need assistance submitting the request, please contact us for help.

Before cancelling a web hosting package with us, we recommend that you have it set up and functioning elsewhere before making your request. If you have any web sites or emails associated with the hosting package you have requested to cancel, they will become non-functional and all your data will be deleted.